What Makes VIBE's Community Different?



Keep that body moving! This class will focus on keeping your heart rate up while still focusing on resistance training. Light weight/ body weight movements that are cardio based and challenge the lungs.



“Tabata” inspired class. 8 rounds of exercise. 20 seconds of work/ 10 second rest. Designed to get your heart rate up in that very hard anaerobic zone for short periods of time. By doing this, you train all of your energy systems, something that regular cardio workouts usually don’t do. BURN THOSE CALORIES!


VIBE Power

Be POWERful. Strength and conditioning based explosive movements. Weight training mixed in with dynamic functional power movements.


VIBE Shred

Time to SHRED. This class is all about building lean muscle through resistance training! Weight training based movements that will help boost that metabolism to get you feeling stronger & leaner than ever.


VIBE Thai Pads/ Cardio-Kickboxing

This class is fun, fast paced, and heart pumping! You will learn how to hold Thai pads, different kickboxing techniques, perform various skilled combinations, and blast away the calories with burnout cardio and core exercises. All levels are welcome!
**Gloves will be provided but you are free to bring your own.**

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