Our signature vinyasa yoga class created with the intent to connect with breath, move the body and clear the mind. All levels welcome. 


VIBE Flow-45

The “quickie” version of our signature vinyasa yoga class created with the intention to connect with breath, move the body, and clear the mind. Class is 45 minutes in length. All levels welcome.


VIBE Yoga-Trapeze

VIBE Yoga Trapeze is a fun, engaging style that allow you to practice new and different poses in ways that can transform your practice, and in particular, your spinal health and core and upper body strength. Trapeze can help students who suffer from wrist, shoulder, upper back, and neck pain, which is often caused by underdeveloped strength rather than poor alignment.
While many of the yoga poses we do on the Yoga Trapeze look very similar to their mat-based counterparts, the dynamics are unique. The Yoga Trapeze will help you develop upper body and core strength with the ‘pull’ motion which is lacking in mat-based classes. Trapeze also has a huge value of integrating passive poses, particularly the backbends and shoulder stretches. Using the Yoga Trapeze, you’re able to assume extremely deep backbends in a passive way, allowing you to safely hold poses for long periods of time.


VIBE- Gentle Flow

A yoga practice that is a slow pace flow class incorporating gentle stretching and strengthening movements that are performed in a sequence. In this type of practice students will experience the beauty of being with themselves and breathing deeper into their body. All levels are welcome!

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